Who would benefit from a Fairy Godmother?

Anyone. Especially people in transitions like grieving the loss of a person, job, or marriage. People who feel stalled or stuck in life and want a nudge to see what is next for them. People who want to grow in mental toughness. We can help you train your brain towards mindfulness and happiness.

What is involved with a session?

After you book your session through our website, your Fairy Godmother will call you at the designated time. She will hear your reason for wanting a Fairy Godmother and go from there. She is trained in the art of asking beautiful questions to draw out some of the deep parts of your need. She is also able to share her own experience. Unlike therapists, she can share her personal stories and wisdom to help guide you along your path.

How did Fairy Godmothers start?    

In dealing with the deep grief of losing her daughter, founder Molly, would talk with her aunt and her Godmother, also her aunt on the phone. As she healed and began to move through her pain and grief she realized the importance of the loving nourishment of wise women with lived experience. Molly also noticed a lot of her friends who needed an outlet and wanted to be heard but didn’t have aunts or women that could share certain things with. Her career background in design thinking and market research gave her the added confirmation that people need to be heard and validated. When they are, their attitude can have dramatic improvement in a short period of time.

Why 60 minutes?

Thich Nhat Hanh’s teaching on deep listening is foundational inspiration for this work. He says that a person can be completely healed from pain in a 60 minute time frame. Sometimes it takes more but it’s why we believe in the power of 60 minutes.