Who We Are

When Molly lost her 14-month old daughter to a cardiac condition, she asked herself “How am I okay?”


After exploring her own life Molly realized she had some unique help. Her aunties—one of which is also her godmother—would call her on the phone for longer conversations weekly. These frequent conversations helped Molly see herself through the wise eyes of her aunties. This allowed her to move forward in the world with confidence, courage, and freedom to be herself.

As a lifelong learner Molly was interested in understanding the root of how this time spent with her aunts was so healing. After studying Thich Nhat Hanh and the power of deep listening, Molly became focused on bringing this to other women who didn’t have aunties. 

While she was building out the plan and the idea, it became evident she would need a lot of good help and support to continue. She had always remembered Shelby saying, “When you are ready to start a business, let me know, I want to help.” Shelby’s credentials, as well as her operations expertise, made her a perfect fit for co-founding. As women who have a heart for helping women, they launched Fairy Godmothers to make this support available to women across the country.


When I first met Molly, I was overcome with her grace at talking about her life. She shared with me openly about loss, and in that moment, I knew that her and I were kindred spirits. We both have the same spirit for sharing our real selves for the greater good. By sharing our experiences, we know it is a gift that can guide others through their own journeys.

As she and I sat down for coffee and contemplated this idea, we both knew that we had to act on this and do it now, as FairyGodmothers was begging to be born. We hope that we can connect women with other women, who will listen and hear them, and who will nurture their unspoken gifts and form a connection that can promote amazing things.

Molly Volker


Molly Volker, Chief Inspiration Fairy (co-founder, owner), is a life-long learner who discovered an elevated way of being in the world through her own pain and letting go process. After her daughter passed away seven years ago, Molly’s vision for Fairy Godmothers has been unfolding as she questioned the role tragedy plays in becoming our most beautiful selves. Through her tireless curiosity, research, and exploration, she believes she has found answers. Molly’s goal is to share her walk to wisdom in order to help others transform their lives. She lives in a forest filled with moss, mushrooms, and magic with her family.

Shelby Hadley

Co-Founder and CEO

Shelby Hadley, Co-Founder and CEO of Fairy Godmothers, is also known as the Sargent Fairy of the group. With a servant’s heart and military training, she is skilled in uniquely bridging people and ideas. Shelby has worked with Military and Veterans and their families in many different settings from case management to organizational leadership driving progress and change. Her journey toward Fairy Godmothers began when she realized meaningful connection, mindfulness, and nurturing of others can truly impact lives. Shelby holds and MBA, is a proud Army Veteran, and a current military spouse. She is a mommy to four sweet babes.

Tami Klucas

Social Media Maven

Tami Klucas is the Social Media Maven for Fairy Godmothers with the soul and  heart of a hippie. A military spouse, she is fiercely dedicated to her family and the military community she is well involved in. She delights in all things creative including photography, graphic design, jewelry making, and artistic endeavors with her children. Tami is a firm believer in everyday mindfulness. Her passion for serving others is rivaled only by her passion for exploring the world whether that be near or far. Tami is honored to be a part of Fairy Godmothers and is excited to see positive change ripples far and wide. She is mama bear to three, wife to one, and friend to many.

Missy Brandner

Fairy Godmother

Missy Brandner, Fairy Godmother, is a whole-hearted, spirited woman with a capacity for deep empathy and a genuine ear for others. She is ever-evolving, working in close relationships with both young and old. From her perspective as a teacher, she appreciates the role we all take as students in this life. As a Fairy Godmother, her specialty lies in cultivating validation and an honest appreciation of the stories of others. She is a seeker of pathways that lead to light and self-actualization. Missy finds energy in healing communication and simple pleasures. Her home and heart include a husband, three boys, and an odd collection of pets.

Laura Brand

Fairy Godmother

Laura Brand, Fairy Godmother, is an answer seeker and belief explorer who has facilitated her own growth through deep struggles. She is practical, yet has an eye for the unfolding of daily magic. Laura appreciates the introspection, growth, and awareness that come from our beliefs and our stories. She is interested in the energy we carry and its ability to move us toward light and loving kindness. She tries to guide two small souls who have chosen her to be their mom, and is partner to one amazingly patient and forgiving man.

Heather Kerfeld

Fairy Godmother

Heather is a free-spirited love warrior, a new-age wounded healer, and an empathic lightworker. Offering a compassionate and humorous approach, she encourages self-love, vulnerability, and authenticity. Heather brings decades of personal and professional practice in mindfulness, holistic psychology, energy healing, and eclectic spirituality. She feels honored to hold space for the sacred stories of others. She connects deeply to tough but tender women as well as men. As a cancer survivor and caretaker to her late father, she feels called to walk alongside those whose journeys involve chronic illness, cancer, and grief. Music, especially blue-grass, and ocean to mountain adventures are her passions.